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Women in the media.

65% of women and girls have an eating disorder. Why is this? Blame the media who objectify women and make us believe that there is a perfect body shape, size and look. We have been made to believe that those women in advertising, television and film are what we’re supposed to look like when they’re more technology than person.

Before TV and film women had a right to look the way they wanted to, not the way they have to. Men are told they have to have the perfect car but if they don’t they aren’t discriminated against. However, if women don’t have the perfect body they experience hate and are told to change. The media has told us that brains can only get us so far. Women could have a higher IQ than Einstein but if they don’t look the part they won’t get a mention.

From a young age we are told that women have to be skinny and able to rock a bikini. When was the last time you saw a children’s doll that was slightly overweight and not able to fit into the bikini? Barbie is the worst to do this. The movies teach us to be happy with who we are but the dolls tell us otherwise. “Kids come and accessorize this doll” and “wow look at her she’s so pretty” are things you hear too many times but this is when talking about a doll. When talking about a person all you hear is “you need to lose weight” “her nose is too big” and “this makes you look good wear that instead” This leads to teenagers not liking their bodies and the shocking statistic that 17% of teenagers cut due to the dislike in their body image, they experience shame and depression which leads to problems in later life.

You hear kids talking in the bathroom about looks. They’ll say things like “she’s flat where are her boobs” “damn she looks like she ate a farm, she’s so fat” and the famous “she’s so ugly I’ll never talk to her” this leads to many problems, you start to think “im so ugly im never going to fit in” “im too fat im not going to eat today” you start to get ill because of the way that other people speak about strangers. You come to school to learn but instead you start comparing yourself to the girls who wear 10 pounds of makeup and are popular because of it. You end up spending hundreds of pounds on make up to “try” and fit in and when that doesn’t work you turn to other solutions.

From the age of about seven, children are told that they aren’t good enough, that they don’t “look the part” and young people are dying because of what people say about them. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” this is false words are the most lethal weapon.

When did school become a fashion show?  Where the way you wear your uniform is more important than the grade you get. 51% of the US are women. How many of them are in parliament? 17%. Why only 17%? Because of the idea of a perfect body. Women in parliament could do so much better than men but does the media care? No, all they want to know about is the latest celebrity boob job. What celebrity got in a bitch fight and with who, whose nudes have leaked this time and are they any good? What about the women who have made outstanding achievements, and have done great things with their lives? How often do we hear about them? You don’t.

Women have been taken off of TV shows for being too fat and replaced by men twice the size. Women face prejudice because they don’t look right. There is no middle ground. You have hair too long and spend time on it you’re a “beg” but if your hair is too short you’re a lesbian. How is this fair?

The media has killed hundreds of years’ worth of work. Since the 1800s women have been working hard to get equal rights and we succeeded. Women are just as good as men and then hello TV. Women have always played one of two roles, the slut who everyone loves or the nerd that everyone hates. This puts the men on top as now he has more power than women.v

Music and the youth

Music is an amazing thing that affects everybody in different ways. it allows people to feel something and we all do when we bop our heads to a good old track that we love on the way to school or work. But there is one opinion that I would like to address today and that is the opinion that music nowadays is ruining teenagers and affecting the next generation.

There are many reasons why I disagree with this opinion, if this is your opinion I apologise. The first reason I disagree is that music can allow for a sense of freedom a chance for teenagers to relax in an environment that they enjoy, plug in their earphones and escape as a teenager I can tell you it feels nice to be able to plug in my earphones for an hour or two and just forget that im sitting exams in three weeks, I can forget about great aunt sally that’s just been rushed into hospital and I can forget about bingo the dog now being six foot under. Music allows a teenager to forget about their worries and dance around their room without the fear of being judged or any other bad things happening.

Musicians write relatable lyrics that get a young person thinking but also allows a young person to understand that they are not alone… other people know what he/she is experiencing. This bit of knowledge is something all teenagers need. Katy B – crying for no reason, is an example of relatable lyrics ” crying for no reason feel the tears roll down, I felt strong but am I breaking now? crying for no reason coz I buried it deep, I made promises I could not keep. and I never faced all the pain I caused now the pain is hitting me full force” The entire song is about locking away how you feel until the emotions take over and a wave of depression hits you. something a lot of teenagers are familiar with. it also gives the message of don’t keep secrets, don’t hide how you feel and people are there for you, all you have to do is call.

Music also gives people a voice. I can tell you now im a very shy person, until you get to know me, but when I have a good back beat behind me and a microphone, or in most cases a hairbrush, in my hands I’ve never felt more confident. When people sing or dance or just listen to music it gives them the feeling that they can do anything, that they can go run for president, they can lose that weight they wanted to lose, they can do what they want to do. and this is a fairly long lasting effect. which is why I love music, when the music comes on you really get to know who that person is, you see that person isn’t just some shy little kid but is greatness waiting to be noticed.

I don’t think this needs to be said but I’ll say it anyway. Music is a cultural experience, you get music coming from every corner of this world everywhere from Africa to Spain to America to China to Japan and to The UK. I’ve just done a tour of many of the worlds most well known places  and I haven’t left this laptop, you can have this entire cultural experience where you get an understanding of how things work outside of where you live, see something new and not even have to get out of bed to do it. I find that fascinating in itself.

I can kind of see where people are coming from, as there is certain music that revolves around just sex, drugs and alcohol. Not exactly setting a good example to youth I understand, but I feel that people completely rule out the good music that means something because of the, I don’t want to call it this but, bad music.


if you are reading this leave me a comment and tell me what your opinion on this is